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tv   [untitled]    January 5, 2011 1:00am-1:30am EST

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all. forces. participated in a military revoke. the us army. tried to become an american part of the. reasons differ but one thing brings them together. for the. first the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with
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a new. face . a lot of jobs and benefits in gaza drives women into nontraditional. help support their family. in the. government own rules.
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plus the furry cars. upcoming mission and how they. live from moscow this is our t.v. rena josh it's almost ten years since the september eleventh attacks but american muslims say they're still suffering the consequences arab immigrants complain of a daily battle against islamophobia saying they remain the number one bogeyman for the f.b.i. are not found a community wondering whether their home really is the land of a free. when most american girls turned thirteen they celebrate with a party. and i want to be done.
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but they would do cut isn't like most the teenager spent her birthday speaking about her father her uncles and her frustration with her home country the guy arrested mostly because they're muslim and well they have beards so like the f.b.i. just started twisting up the words he was saying was words are all too familiar to some one hundred in attendance family friends and supporters of the countless muslims arrested and convicted through the use of f.b.i. paid informants a practice that many criticize as entrapment no i'm not that is playing music out. there truly love the members he says in return the us is losing the hearts minds and trust of their own people particularly the generation of young muslims who hear washington's promise of building bridges but say the government's targeted actions are creating a climate of fear anger and resentment from within to destroy the roads and maybe
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like me this whole ocean is like. no one no no no it's not cool maybe it be both you know sitting in there jeanne shaheen a parveen son a pakistani american was convicted for plotting to bomb herald square a plot the f.b.i. admits was initiated by a paid informant it's definitely a repetition of history nor a law she was born and raised in america the same america that has imprisoned her father for life she draws comparisons to an ugly u.s. past decades of questioning the loyalty of immigrants it's happened to the japanese it's happened to the germans and irish and you know post nine eleven hysteria has caused you know this. negative sent. i know these cases seen a lot she's case was dubbed holy land five since one nine hundred eighty nine his u.s. islamic charity sent humanitarian aid to israeli occupied gaza in two thousand and
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four the palestinian refugee was arrested and subsequently convicted of providing financial support to hamas he's arrested and charged them with planning to attack the four dates on the base for the six world albanian descent and they're suspected of being islamic fundamentalist in two thousand and seven family made news in a case dubbed fort dix five her father and two uncles were arrested and convicted for conspiring to kill american soldiers at a new jersey army base in this home video footage the ducal brothers are firing guns in which they claim was target practice when they shoot the men say an arabic phrase which means god is great prosecutors claimed they were training for jihad but yet the weapons used by the brothers were reportedly provided by a government paid informant as the pool of alleged f.b.i. entrapment cases grows deeper the youngest voices are speaking loudest against injustice under a president who promised better if using the present to make
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a change in this world and stop praise and take out all the free innocent muslims in the jail for laid low that means growing older without a father. turning thirteen in the land of the free she's been forced to doubt more and more every day . r t. and the people of gaza are having to come up with a unique ways to earn a living and they say he's still sluggish despite israel easing a blockade last summer and was many unemployed in the region finding work is no easy feat. reports. a group of girls a woman are breaking new ground literally. they've signed up to work as ditch diggers. to help support the families that have led the work is very hard and with life is even higher than these women of the families breadwinners and with two out of three people unemployed in gaza the burden of responsibility on their shoulders
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is heavier than the shovels in their hands of the barely my family has no one to take care of us and we need money and that's why i'm forced to dig down. three hundred women have signed up their dig holes for water reservoirs on farms in gaza and the pay little more than fifteen dollars a day hard work for private construction game and better than my has been tested provide for two families seen people if i don't do this work and what will i be left with probably not very much which is often the fate of thousands of gazans left disabled from israeli operations they too have no choice but to work in order to survive. i have a family of twelve to feed and there is no other way for me to me doing besides using this route with a mortgage or future it is just so i scream. they survived by selling cigarettes sweets and mobile phones now who are the wider makes
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a living repairing watchers look at them with got both found this job and i prayed for it i mean. the non-handicapped people have trouble finding a job in gaza today at the end of december it was two years since the last israel gaza war since then border controls in and out of gaza have been eased and more goods allow to pass through but many gazans complain it's done precious little to improve their lives in the next few months the number of trucks going into gaza is expected to reach four hundred four times what it was two years ago but gazans still cannot cross into israel and their economy remains idle policia r.t. israel. and oh well. later we explore a different kind of community you were the government is not the one making the rules. welcome to the world's longest existing free society where things get done for the people by the people who are teepees and christian the country
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within a country. and now with the old and with the new georgia's capital tbilisi is being turned into a modern european style city with not everyone's happy with the town's changing looks fine now why just a few minutes. russian icebreakers have rescued the first of six ships that became trapped by ice off the country's far east coast the remaining ships including another icebreaker that became stranded while trying to help will have to wait for a few more hours at least as weather conditions worsen the fleet have been logged in ice since tam since december thirtieth in the bay. a total of around five hundred people on board and their lives are not thought to be in any danger and the captain say they have enough food the smaller ice breaker which was initially sent on a rescue mission wasn't powerful enough to get through a two meter thick ice shield. for suspected militants have been killed during
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a counter terror operation in russia's southern republican doug stan the man were ambushed as they attempted to flee special forces troops and there are no reports of casualties among the security forces officials say the counter terror operation is still underway and dug a stand has been gripped by almost daily violence between the authorities and extremist groups. now let's take a look at some other stories from around the world and the assassination of the governor of pakistan for the job robbins has provoked widespread international condemnation sell mine to see you it was shot dead in islamabad on tuesday by its own bodyguard in what's thought to be a radical islamist attack the governor was a senior member of the ruling pakistan people's party and known for his liberal views to see recently and girded street missed after calling for a christian woman guilty of west wing to be pardoned. in australia flood hit queensland is braced for war have the rain the swan fitzroy river is predicted to
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reach a peak of almost ten metres hundreds of houses have been evacuated roads and airports closed and power supplies cut off over two hundred thousand people are affected in an area larger of france and germany combined flooding has killed at least ten people since november. west african envoys say the ivory coast incumbent leader has agreed to further talks over a bitter election dispute wrong babo also promised a lift of walking around the temporary have waters of his rival. has been widely recognised as a winner in the bamber election but the hat of the diplomatic mission says of bobbo fails to live up to his promises use of force is still an option. a man in taxes has been declared innocent after spending thirty years behind bars new d.n.a. evidence revealed cordelia's dupree jr did not commit the crime he served time for
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he was charged in one hundred seventy nine twenty for being one of two men who raped and robbed a woman despite being offered two chances of freedom as long as he admitted he was a sex offender always maintained his innocence. to denmark now at a fight to keep unique lifestyle alive and self-proclaimed autonomy neighborhood of copenhagen known as freetown christianity people live by their own rules independent of the government but now stories are pushing for them to pay their dues or to read english go has more. i get tired of pushing papers around nine to five are you sick of posting to the government telling you what to do well then welcome to question any a country where things get done by the people for the people it began in one nine hundred seventy one when he pees in freethinkers squat in forming military barracks their aim was to build a society from scratch where the only government would be the residents themselves
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no home ownership no violence it's a co-op community forged by the fifteen hundred strong locals perfect for people like filmmaker notes midst who has lived in christian year since it was founded if you have this ability to administer yourselves and you also much bigger responsibility for your surroundings and that is something which is lost in large cities today for new this is the most peaceful and welcoming place you could find in denmark possibly in all of europe we want to keep up some of the virtues of the village where people know each other and also dependents and feel responsibility for each other so what's their secret to peaceful coexistence people actually take responsibility for the area themselves they don't expect. an authority or some sort of guy from the from the city to come and take care of things we would do it ourselves in fact his genius seems to be extremely attractive to mose danes a recent newspaper poll found one hundred fifty thousand copenhagen residents would
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love to up sticks and settle down in this euro utopia. such a lot of fairy tale atmosphere here and we have also saying you shouldn't know what's around the next corner there should be some kind of surprise unfortunately the biggest surprise right now comes from the city authorities who want to string the acts of christine mia the land is owned by the state and the state and the state can't do anything about the land if they want to have more housing there if they want to. to be possible to build something in the area of course that's the crux of the problem residents pay their taxes to the state and to service fee to christian year but they do not own the houses they live in you're not allowed to make any money off your house and here the house is owned by christina and you live there and rented from christina and you can't sell it on because we don't want to speculation and interest and money in this place but that's something copenhagen
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city council wants to change by forcing residents either to buy out or move out even if we live in this house which many years to build up i'm ready to give it up if it has to be a rights against the privatization idea as i don't want christie added to privatize for now the courts are deciding and although peaceful coexistence and tolerance are two of these communities cornerstones its residents refused to bow to big brother without the proper fight it is. christine you copenhagen denmark. russia remains the world's leading space power whether it's always rockets the number one and only choice for astronauts but even before you were guardians famous first fly it was russian animals that became the first living beings to reach orbit as artist embarking reports war of man's best friends or had it for the stars. it's fifty years since the first human went to space it's counted as one of our greatest
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achievements but as some scientists point out we shouldn't forget the role of first space pioneers for working with the truth of the animals sleep shorter lives than humans their metabolism is different so we can extrapolate data from animal experience to the conditions of man's flight into outer space. here are the into two to of biomedical problems in moscow these rodents are hoping solve space riddles being in orbit can have big effect on our bodies and although man has been space for decades there's still much that we need to know if we want to travel further away from planet earth were. the purpose of all the previous flights where the buy in program was just evolution how the zero g. condition effects living organisms and to conduct experiments that can be carried out and humans but are possible on animals. the biome program starting in nine hundred seventy over a dozen trips have taken animals into space to conduct unique research that when
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the animals were brought back researchers looked at their muscle mass and the effects of exposure to cosmic radiation and over time the research as you did a galaxy of rewards and then. according to foreign analysts about seventy percent of our knowledge about the effect of weightlessness on organisms comes from these experiments on board satellites. now it's these mongolian journals time to go into orbit they'll spend thirty days floating round earth after which they'll come back and be examined to see how they changed. and they'll be the heirs of all those pioneering animals that went before the bike like the first space traveler and stroll current belka who followed a few years later. we specialised in medicine. as a matter of fact. the truth. is the previous journeys
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of animals into space have lasted a maximum of twelve days this one will last thirty and that longer period of experimentation it's hoped would tell us more about what the human crew of the mas mission might experience. because when all nor is he the first animal in space but like the monkeys dogs and all the rodents that have gone before him he could help humans reach the stars. and don't forget to log on to our website or were there always more stories for you here's a taste of what's online right now bad weather continues to assault the region with thousands of people still left without power after ringing in the new year in darkness details on our side. and snow is this is a girl of twenty you haven't heard of her yet the american reality star promises this year you certainly will find out what's behind her success log on to our.
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plus discover a new mention as one of the most famous ballets the nutcracker comes to the silver screen in three d. . georgia's capital tbilisi is an ancient city with a history dating back hundreds of years currently the old town is getting a new look authorities have begun construction of new modern buildings as part of a restoration project but as our sara first reports locals are unhappy with the changes saying she is losing its spirit and so. to police his old town is undergoing some major changes a government backed construction project aims to revamp the aging architecture they
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call it new life for the old town but others have called it a battle for the city's. first century these winding cobbled streets old houses on wooden balconies have delighted visitors and inhabitants but there are signs of construction everywhere people are worried that is destroying the town's historical church. neither nor historians were here the people conducting the reconstruction works were simply told to make it look nice the restoration project has proved extremely controversial but should the housing here is in desperate need of repair but in many cases the government has simply rebuilt tearing down beautiful and often historical structures and putting in their place poor replicas. you know they've just done work to the facade everything has been done in a slim chance way. past the cash funding the project comes from the international
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community but little accountability and poor building control has led to accusations that the money isn't being invested wisely many of the homes now stand empty and uncompleted. the authorities have just built the structures of the hoses that soon. as this house has been in his family for ninety two year is he tells us that it's not just the poor quality building work that's a problem in the modernization boom many of the locals has sold to investors without them the town has lost the local spirit that made it so unique you can't feel it anymore just a few local families. before this area was like a man. with so many people it's like a museum but despite the criticisms the government adamant they aren't going to stop. we want to do than me criticism is not always acceptable but if it's salute
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bruce we accept it meanwhile we're not going to stop the implementation of our projects because of. that project is attempting to turn to bill e.c. into a modern european style capital that is the old makes way to the new many feel that the town's historical heritage is being which east to rubble serve r.t. georgia time now for a business update was sure and just a few moments. a welcome to our business program i'm sure on a key on the e.u.
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is preparing to liberalize its gas transportation network pushing for more diversity in its gas market although this would allow russian gas giant gazprom to sell directly to the customer it could also increase unnecessary competition for the russian gas giants as global oil in may and gas majors increase gas production now to a whole lot of reports. gazprom sales to your fell about twelve percent in two thousand and nine due to the financial downturn demand has somewhat recovered but at the same time the russian gas monopoly is now facing of a stiff a competition the european union favors diversity on the gas market and wants to liberalize the transportation networks russia dislikes the idea but some experts believe there's little to fear from the price markets means to a real surprise came into the market it's going to be but he spoke to the market i think in this is in favor of the us probably because they are the big form of the supply of europe and now they have also the charts to add to that or to the market
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will do because some of the weather gets to the positive. i think is a good development for europe this summer going to say certain sorts of close to trusting the customers to because gazprom is facing an increased competition in europe the tickling from alternative sources of gas production energy majors such as shell which traditionally focused on oil production and now paying more attention to developing their gas businesses i generally ject the fact that the share of gas revenues and the total structure total revenue structure for. oil and gas majoras gold in may for setting is increasing while the oil revenues share is decreasing actually the main competition for gazprom in europe robs not from our willing to pay for stem cells accounts from cattaro and she producers for african and gas producers gazprom is not unaware of the problems it traces in europe analysts believe it needs to be more flexible in its pricing in long term
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contracts something the company is reluctant to do for the moment instead it's focusing on diversifying its customer base in the foss growing markets of asia and india to tell you how global business r.t. . and two thousand and ten was a turbulent year for neural state call it which has hit the headlines for the wrong reasons as its major shareholders roussel and interest household for control of the metal producer despite its share suffering initially they bounced back towards the end of the year surrogates to veer off from deutsche bank russia explains why but i think girl of the problem or the question is really in the rise from global price of i think global price will you increase because of what is used to more and more in the industrial consumption and also to buy but you may be put into that illusion of for corporate profit bill for that when i speak on this because ships freedom of discomfort for the most beautiful of the. money from your wife or if you should go
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for the maid agree that they wouldn't be open for. it was a marriage that everyone expected but the proposal never came the two men russian forces r.t.s. and my sex ended the year as separate entities the government has a unification plan ready but as i call reports the shareholders still have cold feet. combining the my six with the r.t.s. would result in an exchange with more than the sum of their parts that's the view of the my six president has become enthusiastic cheerleader for boys consolidation in russia over this. kind of working together with our partner for years haven't adjourned for a change in achieving and giving liquidity for here and moving that forward. is a great and very important wall in my view infrastructure on a very important and very for the market the ruble denominated my six was set up
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eighty years ago by russia central bank as a state company for trading currency it's now also owned by state banks v t v and the a b. in contras the dollars nominated r.t.s. is a private boys owned by both russian and foreign investors russian companies frequently trade on both bourses supporters of emergency the different strengths of each index would complement each other after years of managed. vision on the basis of what is in all what they want of my six we have a very good financial basis very good support of the state but though the summaries this took issue should not be in line of this among the top central banker says the my six wants to buy the r.t.s. in a friendly takeover with seven hundred fifty million dollars however alpha bank which owns almost ten percent of our g.s. is the boys is worth up to two billion dollars. it's now a question for the shareholders to answer and they may have different interests and
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intentions but i think there's no ideal model it all depends two thousand and eleven may see a third side joining the story europe's largest exchange operator as it is said to be moving a three way alliance with his counterparts in moscow analysts say that will help it competes with london and hong kong while russian companies would be given a chance to lease both in russia and germany getting access to greater capital is not directive proposition but one that might critically imply building ambitions of r.t.s. in my six. business r.t. . and that's your update for this hour but there's always more stories on our website at r.t. dot com slash business stay with us. thank you.


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